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    EXERCISES You will need
Construction tools
for Exercise 16
  In Exercises 1−8, find the area of the shaded region. The radius of each circle is r. If two circles are shown, r is the radius of the smaller circle and R is the radius of the larger circle.
1. r = 6 cm 2. r = 8 cm 3. r = 16 cm
4. r = 2 cm 5. r = 8 cm 6. R = 7 cm
r = 4 cm
7. r = 2 cm 8. R = 12 cm
r = 9 cm
 9. The shaded area is 12π cm2.
Find r.
10. The shaded area is 32π
cm2. Find r.
11. The shaded area is
120π cm2, and the
radius is 24 cm. Find x.


The shaded area is 10π cm2.
The radius of the large circle is
10 cm, and the radius of the
small circle is 8 cm. Find x.
13. Suppose the pizza slice in the photo at
the beginning of this lesson is a sector
with a 36 arc, and the pizza has a radius
of 20 ft. If one can of tomato sauce will
cover 3 ft2 of pizza, how many cans
would you need to cover this slice?
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